...a content management system (pronounced ah-ZOO-car) designed to be extremely user friendly. It is open source under the BSD licence. The intended user for this system is a non-technical employee of a company, foundation or government entity which needs to constantly update an information portal using very user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

We have currently installed over 200 real sites with Azúcar, resulting in a system that is very stable and has the functionality most commonly required by its target audience.

Data Base: PostgreSQL
(using object-relational tables with inheritance, to avoid the "impedance mismatch")
Laguage: PHP
Basic Library: Pear
Persistence Mechanism: DB_DataObject
MVC platform: Phrame
Javascript tree:
Morten’s JavaScript Tree Menu

Licence: BSD
Open source support: SourceForge.net

Facilitates the creation and administration of all the pages and sections of the web site.

User-friendly WYSYWYG editors.

Object-oriented design.

Supports multiple-language sites.

Modular structure.
Users and permissions
Product Catalog
Photo Album
and Polls
Email Newsletters

Azúcar was created by Telesat S.A.’s eMedia department in the city of Cali, Colombia. Cali is located in the Cauca Valley, a sugar growing region, and since “azúcar” means sugar, we named our CMS in honor of our region.

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